Saturday, November 28, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine & Miscarriage

H1N1 Vaccine & MiscarriageSome Pregnant Women Fearful of H1N1 Vaccine

An article in Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on how some pregnant women are skeptical of the new H1N1 vaccine. Pregnant women are among the groups strongly advised to get the vaccine, but many women are less than thrilled about the idea of getting the shot, reporting concerns about the safety of the vaccine and possible effects for the unborn baby.

In the comments, women are reporting over and over a miscarriage after getting the vaccine.

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Mandy said...

I was 5 weeks pregnant when I got the H1N1 vaccine. I received the shot on a Thursday and was very sore and achy on Friday. I miscarried my baby on Sunday, just 3 days after receiving the shot. This was my first pregnancy and I thought I was doing the best thing for myself and my baby by getting the shot. My doctor didn't warn me against waiting until I was further along nor was I aware of any warnings by the government.

Anonymous said...

Thats awful mandy asi said on another blog this is how there trying to bring in population control and not cluing anyone in. I am very sorry about ur baby and hope things are well for u now