Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tiny Toys

Just a bit of fantasy writing based on a dream...

I can't help thinking what an adorable house, as I walk into our new home. Moving boxes everywhere, I think about the charm of this new home. I open a small built-in closet, admiring the long-time ago workmanship and detail.

Thinking to myself, this is a house I could bring a child into, a home I could bring joy into. I can feel the love surrounding this home. Then down on the floor, at my feet, I notice the tiny toys!

Getting down on my knees, I look closely at the tiny toys. Strewn apparently haphazardly from the closet, in a line along the wall. I notice there are painted markings on the floor, curvy lines & tiny stars swirling around the toys. I suddenly realize there is a pattern.

Crouching, I trace the swirling lines with my fingers. My heart leaps. I feel child-like. Happiness washes over me.

I lay right down on my stomach, idly tracing the lines between the tiny toys. Then I realize the swirling lines have lead me to a tiny golden egg. Hidden among the tiny toys! I continue to follow the swirling lines again, past more tiny toys. Finding yet another tiny golden egg.

The toys begin to talk to me, telling me the story of a child lost. A musical box plays a sad lullaby. I am told musical boxes were created for weary mothers. Worn out from singing love songs to their sleepy little ones.

It appears the swirling lines, stars and tiny toys continue all through the house. Leading me past tiny golden egg after tiny golden egg. Finally the swirling lines lead me to a tiny well-loved rabbit.

A tiny stuffed rabbit, with a big red felt heart, sewn onto his chest. I notice there is a crack right down the middle of his tiny heart. The little rabbit tells me that he was once loved. Once carried everywhere. Once held close at night. But now his little one has disappeared. Lost forever.

I lay there, on the floor, level with the tiny rabbit. I feel the break in his tiny heart. Lost and lonely. Just waiting. Suddenly a mother approaches from above us. I look up at the sadness and weariness surrounding her eyes.

As she spies the tiny rabbit, the corners of her mouth curve up into a sad smile. "There you are, you silly rabbit", she sighs. She picks up the tiny rabbit. Holds him close to her heart. I watch as she brushes away the tear tumbling down her cheek.

Yes, I think as I stand up, brushing the dust off my clothing. This is a house I could bring a child into, a home I could bring joy into.


Steph said...

What a beautiful story, I feel near to tears.

You have a talent for this.


StephB (from FF)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful, Catherine. I love it.

Anonymous said...

As always, your gift is apparent (as is your pain). It is a blessing to me to read what you write and share your dreams. Thank you for that. I pray you will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic escape from the everyday boring reality of life! It made me remember "puppy", whose neck was worn down to pencil size from being ever-carried by me.
How do you do that?