Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Do you believe in psychics??

I don't, never have.

I know some people feel psychics have told them things that they couldn't possibly have known, but I still have my doubts. There are a lot of fakes out there, who prey upon people. However, I get feelings about things occasionally myself, and as an empath, I cannot discount it completely. I know there is more out there than we could possible understand.

But trusting that someone else knows my future? I am just not ready to believe.

So it was with a light heart that I joined in, when everyone on
Fertility Friend was consulting a woman on the board. She called herself the TTC Psychic, and was doing predictions for free. It didn't take long before she got booted off the board. So she's no longer around. Too bad...

But before she left, she gave me her prediction in the Fall of 2004:

I feel like you will have another miscarriage before you conceive and I feel like there is more than one child around you, but I do not know if it is chemical pregnancies or future children. But I'll tell you what I see. I see May, 2006 you getting a big fat positive HPT and you are pregnant with triplets, and it is 2 girls and one boy. May 29th, 2006 BFP.
Wow, that was exact, wasn't it!?

But definitely NOT something I wanted to hear! It was still 2004 after all, and there was no way I wanted to wait till 2006 for a successful pregnancy!! But I saved her prediction on my computer anyhow. I'm not sure why? Because I was convinced that, if not successful by that date, I would have given up!

Besides, at my age, the chances of getting successfully pregnant is probably about 1%. Having 3 GOOD eggs in one cycle??? Must be something like 0.0000000000001%!

Well, here it is - May 2006.

And I still have not had a successful pregnancy. Which is no big surprise, really.

Although I have had another miscarriage, that ended about 7 weeks on January 27, 2006. And the ultrasound tech did find 3 follicles on Sunday. And I had a temp rise this morning, which means I probably ovulated yesterday.

Which means that on May 29, 2006, I will be 13 days past ovulation. Which would probably be a good time to test with a HPT.
Are we getting scared yet???


Cricket said...

Okay, how's this? I want to believe in psychics today... and May 29 and January-February '07.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you let us know!!! I am like you, I have had a psychic reading before and man was she off base, so let me know if you have any better luck!!! I am hoping this one is right!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Catherine. My thoughts are with you. I *so* wish you all the best, and hope all your dreams come true!

It's been a while... my emails still work, drop me a line when you have a momment... I have a 1yr old now.. and well, should have headed your warnings about naming a child "Christopher"...

I'm going to bookmark your blog, and stalk it for the next week like crazy!

Love and Laughter,

Cindy :)