Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Turning Tragedy into Healing: Mother Creates Scrapbooking Kits to Help Parents Cope

Julian, NC, May 4, 2007 – After experiencing both prenatal loss and the stillborn birth of her son, Tanner, Diana Gardner-Williams drew upon her experiences to create a line of comforting scrapbooking kits designed specifically for the loss of a baby.

Every year more than 26,000 American women, and 4.5 million women worldwide, will deliver a stillborn baby. Miscarriage statistics are even more dramatic, reportedly occurring in 20 percent of all pregnancies. Many families are looking for ways to memorialize their child. As a mother who has experienced this significant loss, Gardner-Williams knows the pain is immeasurable.

After Gardner-Williams delivered her son stillborn, she found solace in journaling and scrapbooking to ease her pain. She had trouble finding scrapbook products that specifically addressed the loss of a baby, and so she decided to create her own.

Her company, Just a Cloud Away, Inc. produces specialty scrapbooking kits, offering comfort and guidance to families struggling to cope with this type of loss. Just a Cloud Away kits are designed to comfort and cradle the hearts of grieving parents, providing them with the means to preserve their love and acknowledge the legacy of their baby.

“I want these kits to provide a loving touch and a guiding hand during the healing process. I hope families will talk and share how their precious angels touched their lives,” said Gardner-Williams.

Three different styles of Just a Cloud Away scrapbooking kits will be available in the series. Themes include Classic Baby, Modern Baby and Vintage Baby. Each scrapbooking kit contains one 12x12 scrapbook background, a 12x12 Certificate of Love, two sheets of coordinating stickers and a die-cut sheet with images of babies and angel babies on clouds. The kits feature exclusive designs with angelic and heavenly imagery.

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