Monday, October 13, 2008

Families walk to remember infants

Vivienne Treharne, whose son, Christopher Lee, died in the womb in 1999, holds his infant book, which has cards that were placed on her door so nurses and visitors would know she had lost her child. Treharne is one of many who will be at a Walk to Remember on Tuesday at Lake Ella to help raise awareness of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.Asking the Treharnes if they have children is not a simple question.

If you ask Vivienne Treharne, she'll say, "Four, not living."
It's her way of explaining how her four children died before any reached a day old.

Families who suffer miscarriages and infant loss often deal with it quietly. Unprepared for the tragedy, many don't have a funeral because they are unprepared for the expense.

That's why the annual Walk to Remember event Tuesday at Lake Ella is so important, organizers say. It gives these families a chance to honor the memory of their little ones and to talk to a grief counselor.

"A lot of times, friends and family don't know what to say,"
said Tracy Coomer, fetal and infant mortality project-review coordinator for the Capital Area Healthy Start Coalition, which is putting on the event.

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