Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Manilyn yearns for another baby

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still coping with her miscarriage not physically but emotionallyPEOPLE in the entertainment industry and the public witnessed how former child actress Manilyn Reynes grieved when her supposed-to-be third son with husband Aljon Jimenez died just recently.

Until now, she said she is still coping with her miscarriage not physically but emotionally.

People might be thinking, why is Manilyn mourning so much and having a difficult time coping with the misery, which countless women likewise experience?

"There's a lot of love to give!" she simply exclaimed.

Manilyn and Aljon have two children, 11 and six. After six years, Manilyn is so much ready and excited to have a baby again.

"We have been waiting for this for six years, that's why when we had to let go of the baby. It was very hard for us," she said. "I have so much love to give to other people, much more to my baby but then I know God has better plans for us."

When asked why she eagerly wants to have another baby despite having two kids, she said: "Because I love kids. My children are getting older as years pass and we really want to have a child. Although the gap is six years, there is so much love to give and I really want to take care of my baby."

Manilyn shared that she is still capable of giving birth. She hoped that at her age she will still have another baby. "Life has to move on. I guess it was not really for us this time but the baby will back."

She said she does not care if her next baby will be a boy or girl just as long as they will be blessed with another one.

Meanwhile, Manilyn said one thing she learned from her sad experience was "she had proven once again that love still prevails in their family."

"I am lucky to have a husband who's as supportive as he is. And the children were very supportive also. I really felt the love during that time. Nothing really changed, we just became stronger," she stressed.

Manilyn and Aljon meanwhile are determined to have another child again. "Yes of course, we were advised that there is no magic date. The doctor's suggestion was to have it the soonest, at least three months or so. We actually don't know. We are just praying for it."

Source: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/man/2008/09/30/life/manilyn.yearns.for.another.baby.html

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Anonymous said...

My family and friends like this Wonderful actress and mom Ms. Manilyn Reynes. we you have another baby again!!!and this time "twin" para bawi agad!!!and you're so busy now adays coz you're doing 2 films right??? and i heared another teleserye this coming 2009!!! sana lang makabuo kau!!! we love your show "moms" more power you are a brilliant and witty host!!! God Bless You and your Family!!!