Sunday, November 02, 2008

Holiday "gifts" for bereaved families

Compassionate Friends CredoHolidays can be especially difficult for a family who has lost a child. Here are some ways you can help.

1. Remember the child in cards or in speaking with the family. Mention the child by name. Worse than the pain of remembering is the pain of thinking their child has been forgotten.

2. Understand this holiday may not be like the last and things may not get done.

3. Help the family do routine chores around the house or offer to help with shopping.

4. Make a donation in the name of the child to a charity that has meaning for the family.

5. Help the family find a support group with others who has experienced loss.

6. Consider the surviving children. Offer to take them shopping or to holiday related events.

7. Offer to drive the family to a memorial service.

8. Tell them they are not alone and that you love and care for the family.

Courtesy of Compassionate Friends

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