Monday, March 27, 2006

Forever Our Angels

Hannah wrote to me: My book, "Forever Our Angels" is a collection of personal essays, written by men and women who have been dealt the blow of pregnancy loss. Whether the loss occurred in the first trimester or it was experienced in the later weeks of a happily anticipated pregnancy, these men and women were willing to share their pain and devastation in order to help others. I have received endorsements from the book from several obstetricians, including Dr. Bernard Gonik and Dr. Steven Klein.

Forever Our Angels by Hannah Stone
No one knows the devastation and heartache of losing a baby more than a father or mother but rarely is it discussed. The parents are told to move on with their lives and forge ahead but the pain is always there. "Forever Our Angels" is a collection of personal stories told by the men and women who were dealt the blow of miscarriage.

"Very touching! This book immediately draws readers in, emotionally touching them with different stories of losing a child. One of the most interesting elements is the stories that are told from the man's perspective." C. Linder

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