Thursday, April 20, 2006


I've always hated getting my picture taken, even as a kid. When the school pictures were taken for our yearbook, I decided that sitting on the school lawn with my (then) boyfriend was a better idea. So no high-school pictures to haunt me.

As a young mom, I never let anyone take pictures - till my ever-thoughtful mom told me that I needed to have pictures taken so my kids could remember what I looked like after I died! Now there's a happy thought!

I've even tried convincing people that I followed the beliefs of those tribes who feel every picture taken removes a bit of your soul. No one in my family was buying it...

Now, before you start thinking, "boy, she must be so ugly, that she doesn't want her picture taken" - I have to say that looking back, I don't know why I wouldn't get my pictures taken - I really wasn't all that bad. In fact, I will even break down and post a picture to prove it.
Yes, I am a natural red-head!

When I tried to convince my new husband that we could save a lot of money by NOT having a photographer at our wedding, I was told I would look at those pictures for years. Nope, it's not even our first anniversary, and I want to pack them all away! I just have never been comfortable with having my picture taken.

So it should come as no surprise that my internal organs are just as "shy". Today the ultra-sound tech said that not only are my uterus and ovaries hard to get a good picture of because I am so "deep", but they are truly "unphotogenic"! She said some people's insides are a snap to get a good picture, but mine make you work for it!

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Shinny said...

Too funny! We had friends take the pictures for our wedding, almost 2 years ago and they turned out way better then my sister in-laws pictures by a professional photographer did. Plus we ended up with so many of the non posed pictures that showed people being real. Between the two people we asked to take pictures, pictures sent to us by others who attended and then all the disposable cameras at the reception we ended up with close to 1000 pictures that I really liked. Wish I had enough walls to put them all up but instead used one of our giftcards for nice photo albums and just framed the really good ones.

Sorry that your ovaries and uterus are so uncooperative. Good luck to you and hope that they decide to peek out and smile for the camera next time.