Monday, April 17, 2006

Too quick to give up?

I have always felt that doctors are much too quick to intervene in an early pregnancy, pronouncing it non-viable due to slow numbers. I have watched so many women online, with slowly-doubling betas in early pregnancy, get talked into a D&C, without even giving the pregnancy a chance. It scares me how many little lives may have been lost, when waiting another week or so, might have made a difference.

The medical profession always want to put us in a box, and if we don't fit, it seems we get tossed out. Funny, but I have never fit in any box, I am not a statistic, and amazingly - what works for the majority, does not work for all. I wish more women realized that about themselves.

Redefining [beta]-HCG in viable pregnancies: rose 50% every 2 days

SAN ANTONIO -- Serial [beta]-HCG levels rose at a minimum of only 50% every 2 days in a study of 293 viable first-trimester pregnancies, contradicting the widely held belief that levels should rise at least 66%.
"This should hopefully change our clinical care. We were overestimating how fast a pregnancy should grow in the past, and this shows that we should be more conservative and not intervene so quickly," Dr. Kurt Barnhart said at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

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