Thursday, April 06, 2006

Day 10 and we have a follicle!

So there it was, on the ultrasound screen in the darkened room. Proof that I am ovulating. A beautiful little dominant follicle, developing on my left ovary. I asked the tech if there was more than one, but she said no, because it's a natural cycle.

Just checking, because I keep reading about how older moms are more prone to twins!

The bloodwork results aren't in until this afternoon, and I won't know the size of the follicle till they call. But with the ovulation pain the last few days, and the +OPK this morning, it's nice to have it confirmed by the doubting RE doctor.

Of course, there are no guarantees that this is a strong, healthy egg - but still, when the tech wished me good luck with this cycle, I thought for a minute of asking for a copy of the ultrasound picture! LOL

So, what the heck, I looked around online and found this ultrasound picture. It's not mine, of course, but shows what a developing follicle looks like.

UPDATE! The nurse called from the RE's office and gave me my results:
CD10 - FSH - 12.5, LH - 18.2, E2 - 369 (CDN), 100.54 (US), Prog - 6.9 (CDN), 2.17 (US), Prolactin - 20.6, Follicle - 16.5 on left ovary.

Photograph of a transvaginal ultrasound identifying of an ovary on cycle day 11 (late follicular phase). The dominant follicle is 14-15mm in diameter.

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DD said...

Doubter doctor, take that! And on a natural cycle, even better.