Friday, October 06, 2006

Cut'n Paste Miscarriage

miscarriage cut and paste
Went to the PBSO miscarriage support group last night, and we had an interesting exercise to do. Usually we just talk, but last night was cut'n paste night!

The idea is to look thru magazines for pictures and/or words that describe how you are feeling. I found it very interesting, and a great way to help express your grief. My picture is above.

To me the three children, looking thru the dark veil (dark curtain) into the brightly lit room full of empty cribs, says it all. I thought it was so appropriate that the picture title was "the infinitely fertile" - because that's how I feel, since I have been pregnant so many times but the babies don't stick.

And the two side word sets - "No Daddy's Little Helper" and "No Daddy's Little Girl" - because it seems I cannot give my husband a child of his own. It rips my heart out...

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