Sunday, November 05, 2006

Amniocentesis Miscarriage Risk Rarer Than Thought

The amniocentesis-related miscarriage rate by 24 weeks of pregnancy was 0.06 percent, or about one in 1,600 pregnancies studied.

That’s lower than the rate of 0.5 percent, or about one in 200 pregnancies, from studies done in the 1970s, before current amniocentesis techniques were in place, the researchers note.

Eddleman commented on the study in a Mount Sinai School of Medicine news release.

He says women’s decisions about amniocentesis “should be based on contemporary information about miscarriage rates with newer screening techniques, rather than just relying on general age-based risks.”

The findings “will have a significant effect on how women are counseled about amniocentesis by their doctors and the information they have when deciding about screening for their unborn child,” Eddleman predicts.

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