Friday, September 12, 2008

Manilyn talks of the miscarriage

Manilyn Reynes talks about her miscarriageALMOST a week had passed but actress Manilyn Reynes and husband former actor Aljon Jimenez are still healing from the wounds caused by the unexpected aborted pregnancy of the "Moms" co-host.

Although the couple has accepted the misfortune, Manilyn said they are still saddened with the loss.

Her voice was sad when she narrated her miscarriage in a taped interview aired over tv.

"It was a Sunday when we knew that the baby's heartbeat was weak... We were so worried, afraid that the baby might not make it. Monday, Tuesday had passed and we keep talking to my baby 'Please hold on. We know you can do it. Be strong,'" she said.

But last Wednesday the baby died in Manilyn's womb.

"As a mother, it's painful. I am asking the Lord why? But we know that He has plans for us," she said.

The actress meanwhile did not lose hope in becoming pregnant again. She said she even wanted it to be twins.

"We just told the baby to come back again and if ever bring another one with you so we can have twins. We are still hoping that God will give us babies," she said.

The couple is planning to have a proper entombment for their three-month-old baby.

"We want the baby to be blessed and have a proper urn. We still cry, time and again, me and Jon (Aljon) whenever we recall it. But we need to move on because we still have two children (both boys) and we need to take care of them."


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The Three Little Bears said...

I miscarried at six weeks. I could not imagine the pain of miscarrying at 3 months. I wouldn't wish that for ANYONE!