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Women's Preferences For Management Options For First Trimester Miscarriage

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Womens Preferences For Management Options For First Trimester MiscarriageIn the absence of clear evidence of clinical superiority from randomised controlled trials, the decision about which management option to offer women with a diagnosed first trimester miscarriage should be informed by evidence on cost-effectiveness and women's preferences. To elicit women's preferences for attributes of alternative management options for first trimester miscarriage.

A recent study led by Dr. Stavros Petrou of the University of Oxford entitled "Women's preferences for attributes of first trimester miscarriage management: A stated preference discrete choice experiment", published in Value in Health, elicits women's preferences for attributes of these alternative management options. The study was co-authored by Dr. Emma McIntosh also from the University of Oxford.

Approximately one in nine confirmed early pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first trimester. The traditional approach is to surgically evacuate the retained products of conception. However, surgical management has been associated with a number of complications. Two alternative management options to surgical management, medical management and expectant management (no intervention) have been increasingly offered to women.

Says Dr. Petrou: "The study highlights the importance to women of reducing the levels of pain and the time taken to return to normal activities after treatment. Overall, the study suggested that many women undergoing management of first trimester miscarriage value surgical and medical management more highly than expectant management. These results should be taken into consideration by decision-makers as they consider how best to organise gynaecological services for women experiencing miscarriage."


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