Friday, September 11, 2009

Couple's wish for child comes true

Robert and Araceli Hooker with their new daughter, Kaylyn Hope, on Aug. 20 at their home in Corona. (Jennifer Cappuccio-Maher/Staff Photographer)Araceli Hooker lay on a rented hospital bed - feet up and head down - in the middle of her living room and prayed for a miracle.

Her miracle's name was to be Kaylyn Hope Hooker.

Every day that Araceli's ailing cervix held the forming infant inside her body was one day closer to granting Araceli's constant prayer - Kaylyn would stay alive long enough to be born.

The Corona residents, Araceli and Robert Hooker, had been trying to have a child since they married 10 years ago. Five times, Araceli had conceived, and five times she lost the baby within the first trimester.

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