Saturday, December 24, 2005

Shattered Dreams: Poetry of Loss

Yesterday we got together with Rob's family and our baby's 15m old due-date "twin" was there. Such a beautiful baby, but still a constant reminder of just what Rob and I have lost, and may never have. My poetry after my 5th loss, is just as appropriate for my 6th loss, our first special baby together.

Oh baby, didn't you think I wanted you?
Didn't you hear my heart crying out to you?
Oh baby, didn't you know I loved you?
Didn't you feel warmth from my soul surround you?

Oh baby, why did you leave me all alone?
Why am I left with emptiness and sadness?
Oh baby, why did I never get to meet you?
Why'd you say good-bye before we've said hello?

I didn't know how much I wanted you,
I didn't know how much I care,
I didn't know how much I'd cry for you,
Till you were no longer there.

I didn't know my arms could ache,
I didn't know my soul could tear.
I didn't know my heart could break,
Till you were no longer there.

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