Friday, March 17, 2006

A Medical Marvel!

All the tests are complete, and we met with the RE on Wednesday for the results of why I am a recurrent miscarrier. Losing baby after baby, since I was 18 years old.

He turned page after page, no immune disorders, no thyroid disorder, no STDs, no insulin resistance, no infections, no hormone imbalances, no chromozone issues, all bloodwork was perfectly normal, iron levels good, lining perfect, mammogram great. Yes, I am healthy and normal.

Yes, that is good news, at least there are no scary issues to worry about.

But how normal can it be to have nothing at all wrong with you and still miscarry baby after baby? How normal can it be to still be fertile so late in life?

But there you go, I am a medical marvel! Oh, and my latest FSH was 7.56!

With nothing to address, there seems little hope that I will ever successfully carry a pregnancy again at this point. I feel so sad to end my reproductive life on a death, a failure to complete.


Cricket said...

Now THAT'S a good FSH. It is always weird to want some sort of diagnosis to explain things.

Did they do clotting stuff? I've forgotten if you have been tested on the MTHRwhatever clotting issues.

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt said...

You know, I am not sure? All I kept hearing was normal, normal, normal!

But I assumed that was not a factor because I did have my homocysteine checked and it was normal, and I actually have a slow-clotting factor. Sometimes when they take blood, it takes a while for me to stop bleeding.