Friday, April 14, 2006

Make up your mind!

You know I didn't find taking my temp all that stressful. I didn't find charting all that stressful. I didn't find using OPKs stressful.

In fact I haven't found most of what we have done the past couple of years all that stressful.

Even going in every few days for bloodwork this cycle, hasn't been all that stressful.

But what I am finding very stressful, is whether I should pee or not!?

I have to have an ultrasound every time I go in for blood work. The u/s tech says I am very deep inside and she has a hard time visualizing my ovaries, even my uterus. She said it's perfectly normal, just the way I am built. (I told you I was a deep thinker. Even my insides are "deep"! LOL)

Anyhow, after a couple of sessions of digging around with the internal u/s wand, hunting for my ovaries till she found them, she told me to drink water before I came next time. Then she was able to find them easily with the abdominal u/s. So next time, I show up without stopping at the bathroom. And get told off for not going first!

OK, so maybe now she has found them, she doesn't need the bladder help. So I make sure to go to the bathroom when I arrive. The next time she asks why didn't I drink my water???

Next time, sent off to the bathroom again! Which is always so humilating to run down the hall in your paper gown, past the waiting room full of people...

So I make sure to go before I leave home and when I arrive at the lab. But get forgotten for an hour, my chart misplaced. And get told off AGAIN, for not going to the bathroom first. Back down that hall in my paper gown.

So yesterday, I make sure to go twice after I arrive. Now she tells me off again for not drinking my water!! Tells me that from now on I must drink my water and not use the bathroom till she does the abdominal.

So next week, I will dutifully show up with a full aching bladder. And she will probably tell me off again...

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DD said...

Nothing like taking something that should be the last thing to worry about and making it the first.

I say the next time she bitches one way or the other you have a "come to Jesus" discussion. She sounds like a control freak.