Monday, April 03, 2006

The world is full of strange occurrances!

This is the second time in the past week, I have read of something like this happening, a baby boy the other time. How do such bizarre things happen??

March 29, 2006
Miraculous Operation of 2-month-old Baby Carrying Twins in Her Abdomen

A baby girl is in critical condition at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) after undergoing surgery to remove twin fetuses from her abdomen. The two-month-old girl was born with what was thought to be a tumor in her stomach, as x-rays and ultrasound failed to reveal the fact that her stomach actually contained two babies. Once the twins were discovered, the child was brought to PIMS and operated on on Tuesday. The dead twins weighed just over 2lbs (1kg) and were 15cm long. It is believed that the twins lived in the girl’s stomach for four months before they died. One twin had finished developing while the other was only half formed. Surgeons said the operation had been complicated by the fact that all three babies had their liver and intestines joined. It is hoped that the child will recover from the surgery soon.


Found the other story I read:

July 5, 2005
One-Year-Old Boy Found ‘Pregnant

A one-year-old boy in Northern India has had an underdeveloped fetus removed from his stomach in what doctors are calling a very rare case. After his stomach began to noticeably swell, Ritesh Yadav was taken to a local hospital by his father where he was operated on. During the surgery, doctors were surprised to find a four-month-old fetus inside Ritesh’s stomach. Doctors believe that this is a case of inclusion twin, whereby two fetuses become conjoined but one ends up developing inside the other as the pregnancy progresses. Upon examination of the fetus after the surgery, doctors could see that it was a boy with legs, hands and hair. Ritesh is said to be in good condition and revering well.

Source: Asian News Internatioal

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