Monday, May 01, 2006

Meeting with Internet Friends

When I got my CD3 appt, I realized I would be in Toronto, when the Fertility Over 40 Lunch Bunch were getting together, so I decided to join them!

I am actually pretty shy in person, but looked forward to meeting these women I knew only through the forum, as well as the forum owner!

I met Sue first at Dr. A's office, and we chatted while we waited for our turns in the bloodwork room and ultrasound room. It was nice to have someone to talk to while I waited, it's kind of a lonely experience to go through, pretending to read the magazines and people -watching, wondering what their story is?

Both Sue and I wondered at the age of the couple waiting, he with full gray hair, tied in a ponytail. She was almost completely gray, looking older than both Sue and I. They looked so happy together and excited at the prospect of having a baby!

I wandered around the Eaton's Centre till it was time to meet everyone for lunch, ending up in the Indigo bookstore, of course. I was surprised to find the Compleat Mother magazine on the shelf! It's come a long way since I first met Catherine, before she even started the magazine!

We had lunch at the Sushiman restaurant, the first time I ever ate in a Japanese restaurant. I made a mental note to take home the chopsticks for my son. He is very interested in all things Japanese!

Pat, the forum owner arrived first, then Deb and finally Sue. We talked and ate, mostly I listened. I'm not great at making conversation, but it was so fascinating listening, there was so much knowledge and friendship there. Finally I realized I was late!

I was supposed to leave at 1PM, to go pick up Rob at work, because I had the car. Now it was 20 minutes after, and I had to leave. I was sad to go, I was having such a great time!

Unfortunately, although the highway started out moving well, soon we were slowed right down. By the time Rob called me on the cell phone, to check on where I was, I was still downtown, and a long way from home. I felt guilty that he had to ask a co-worker to drive him home!

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