Thursday, June 15, 2006

Butterfly Release

Sunday was the PBSO picnic (Perinatal Bereavement Services Ontario). The most important part of the day was a butterfly release, a very emotional ceremony where over 200 monarch butterflies were released in remembrance of our babies lost.

Surrounded by our friends from the miscarriage support group, and all the other members from groups in and around Toronto - we listened to the poem below, and the butterflies were released. There were tears and hugs everywhere. We were given beautiful stain-glass-like butterflies to take home in memory of our babies.

The subsequent born children in attendance brought a special brightness to the day, ranging from a few weeks old to 18 years old - warming our hearts that losing a baby doesn't have to be the end. And a special pain to the families who have had no live births, no babies to take home.

Afterward we had a potluck picnic, and the little one's played games. And silly me, I forgot to bring sunscreen, and as a redhead, I got burnt like a lobster. Today my face is peeling so bad, I am afraid to go out in public!

The Butterfly
I swear, it looked at me
Straight in the eye...
But it fluttered wildly
And I wondered why.

In the smallest voice
It seemed to say
"Yes, you.
Don't go away!"

I was frozen to the spot
As it brushed my cheek.
My eyes crossed,
My knees went weak.

"I'm an angel..."
And then it dived
And dipped
Then cried...

"They're watching you,
From heaven above...
I'm here to tell you
Of their love."

I felt so warm,
A special light,
Then so suddenly
It took flight!

I could hear
My own heart sing!
For my angel
In training wings!

Just remember
When one flutters by...
It's telling you
"Rejoice, don't cry".

Lost ones are in your heart,
And when you pray,
A butterfly comes down
To wipe tears away.

Stay very still,
Don't move away,
A butterfly
Will come someday.


Cricket said...

That's beautiful, Catherine. It's wonderful you all have each other.

DD said...

Thank you for that.