Saturday, September 30, 2006

Many Moms Don’t Know their Nutrients

A survey given to new and expecting moms has revealed that many only know two of the three essential nutrients they need during pregnancy. The survey, conducted by Kelton Research and sponsored by the Society for Women’s Health Research, showed that a full 97% of women identified dairy products as a source of calcium while 79% knew that folic acid could be obtained from leafy vegetables.

Yet, half of the women had no idea that they needed to increase their DHA Omega-3 intake for the sake of their baby’s development, 68% had never been informed about DHA by their doctors and 72% were completely clueless as to how to get more DHA into their diet. Only 17% knew that fish was a good source of DHA but, of course, fish intake needs to be minimized during pregnancy. This led 88% of respondents to indicate that they would be interested in a non-fish product that contained high amounts of DHA.

When informed that DHA was critical for the healthy development of a baby’s brain, heart and eyes, and that it may lower the risk of pre-term birth and possibly postpartum depression as well, 92% of women said they would get more DHA into their diet during pregnancy. It is recommended that pregnant women receive 400mcg of folic acid, 1000mg of calcium, and 300mg of DHA Omega-3 daily. Aside from cold-water, oily fish, which are natural sources of Omega-3s, DHA has also been added to certain foods including some eggs, nutrition bars, and soymilk.


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