Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Down syndrome related to early menopause

September 1st, 2005

The incidence of children born with Down syndrome could be related to early menopause.

In a recent report, researchers in Brazil conducted a study "To determine whether women who had children with Down syndrome (DS) had precocious menopause. We selected 104 mothers of children with DS and 121 normal women who had children with no genetic problems. We conducted an interview and compared their mean age at menopause."

A.K. Bartmann and colleagues wrote, "We did not detect a statistically significant difference in mean age at menopause. When we stratified into women who had conceived when younger or older than 35 years of age, we found a statistically...


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lavenderrose1523 said...

I think that it has nothing to do with menopause.
Younger women can have children with DS.
Mom 44yrs. old
Mom of a 19 yr. old-4 yr.old(Natural way) TTC#3