Monday, March 26, 2007

Something New - My blog widget on your Site!

Now you can have my Life Begins... blog widget posted anywhere on your site - listing current articles and a quick link to this blog. It's easy to add, and easy to configure to match your site. Here's the link to get started!
A sample is shown below:

What’s a Widget?
A widget is a little mini-application that you can put into your blog or web page.

Where can I put a widget?
You can put it on any blog or web page that you own. This includes:
* Your blog on Blogger, Typepad, Xanga, Square Square, Geocities/Yahoo 360, Friendster, Movable Type, Text Pattern or Wordpress. Your profile on MySpace.

Why would I want a Widget?
They can provide the readers of your page information, functionality, or even a little bit of fun.

How much does Widgetbox cost?
It’s completely free for bloggers & website owners to get a widget.

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