Saturday, April 28, 2007

Treatment for Recurrent Miscarriage

Case study in Sydney Australia leads to birth of healthy baby girl after 19 miscarriages. Dr. Gavin Sacks (who has an excellent reputation from the patients that I have spoken to about him) in Sydney Australia at IVF Australia used a treatment utilising steroid treatment to reduce the high level of natural killer cells that had been found in her system. After 11 years the patient gave birth to a baby girl.

Tests can be done to determine if you have high levels of natural killer cells. I suggest speaking to your physician regarding this if you have had 3 miscarriages or more.

More studies however do need to be done to confirm that it was indeed the treatment that helped create the viable pregnancy or if she and her husband would have created a viable pregnancy without the treatment.

To learn more about what you can do naturally to address recurrent miscarriages you can see our ebook on Recurrent Miscarriage title, When Pregnancy Means Pain and Devastation: Your Guide to Creating a Viable Pregnancy at in the books section.

Also keep in mind that studies are showing that even the belief in a treatment and the person administering the treatment can improve your chances that it will that the treatment will be effective. This doesn't just have to do with miscarriages, but with any treatment for any condition. So make sure that you are working with practitioners that you are comfortable and confident with. And always remember to trust and believe in the amazing capabilities of your body as well.


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