Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Harvey family's miscarriage pain

AFL Footballer Robert Harvey and wife have opened up about the agony they went through as Danielle had six miscarriages over a period of nearly three years.

In an exclusive interview with A Current Affair, the two-time Brownlow medallist said it was incredibly difficult to watch his wife go through such immense pain.

"I think the hardest part, as the pregnancies accumulated, was just the trauma you see your wife go through and the strain that shows on her," Harvey told reporter Nick Coe.

Between the birth of son Remi and the arrival of daughter Alyssa, Danielle Harvey suffered six miscarriages in around three years.

The couple lost one daughter at 19 weeks, half way through the pregnancy.

"We actually saw that child," said Mrs Harvey. "But that wasn't the worst part of it for me. It was going home and having my milk come in, and having my body do all the things a body does when you've given birth."

"You don't want to see your wife go through that," Robert Harvey said.

Mrs Harvey said her husband's support made all the difference in those dark times.

"When you make plans as a couple and you feel like you're not upholding them, you certainly feel like you're letting half the team down, and he made it very clear to me that it wasn't the case."

For the full interview, watch Nick Coe's report on ACA at 6.30pm tonight on the Nine Network.


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