Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ceremony honors parents' lost kids

COAL CITY -- Thursday is Children's Day across the nation. At Memorial Park, 580 S. Broadway, a prayer vigil will be held in front of the Angel of Hope Memorial.

The Angel of Hope is one of only 80 angels in the country honoring lost children, with the one in Coal City honoring lost children's lives from miscarriage to adulthood.

"It uplifts you to simply remember them," said Jamie Lavezzi, who founded the park in memory of her own loss of her twin baby boys. "As a bereaved parent you remember them in your heart always, but this ceremony every year uplifts you, and brings them back so that everyone can remember the loss of your child."

The ceremony will include the Coal City High School Choir and poetry readings. Each parent who has lost a child can place a flower at the angel's base and say the child's name.

Coal City's Angel of Hope program has grown to provide grants for infertility treatments for couples and headstones for families who have lost a child.


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