Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's your body's real age?

Miracle skin creams and face-lifts promise to make us look younger.

But no matter how youthful the exterior, it is how old we are inside - our biological age - that determines our lifespan.

It is now possible to calculate just how old your body really is by assessing a range of factors, from heart health to a woman's reserve of eggs.

We asked three women to undergo a range of tests to discover their real age.

First, was a comprehensive test to assess hearing, lung function, muscle movement, memory and reaction times, plus cardiovascular health. Then came a fertility test to measure levels of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH).

This plays a role in the release of a woman's eggs and gives an idea of her fertility.

Finally came a check on the levels of free radicals in the women's blood. These are the toxins that can damage our body's cells and make us age faster.

For the brain, lung and hearing test, HB Health Clinic, from £99. or call 0207 323 1388.

For the fertility test: IMMOGENICS VITA+ test. Price £179. or call 0845 833 9153.

The free radicals test, costing £30, is available from Health SOS. , 0845 652 1954.

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