Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mother speaks of anger over miscarriage blunder

A mum told she had had a miscarriage found that the foetus was still alive four weeks later.

Catherine Kent, 27, was offered an abortion or pills to shorten her miscarriage after medics said her baby had died inside her during the eighth week of pregnancy.

Instead, she left the foetus to leave her body naturally. A month later a further check revealed the unborn child was alive.

Now Catherine and partner Kevin Gray, 28, claim the blunder by Sunderland Royal Hospital could have had tragic consequences.

Mum of two Catherine, of Houghton le Spring, has complained. She said: "It was utter hell.

"They could have aborted my baby while it was alive or the pills could have left it disabled."

The hospital said: "We're investigating."


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