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Can Aspirin Stop Miscarriage

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It's a distressing thing to happen when you're trying to get pregnant. Doctors estimate about 30 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.

In our Healthy Living report, could a simple over the counter treatment help?

Researchers right here in Utah are trying to find some answers.

A pregnancy is usually a happy time in a woman's life. But millions of women deal with the trauma of miscarriage.

Pregnancy loss is one of the most common problems affecting couples trying to have a baby,” said Dr. Bob Silver, University of Utah Hospital.

The University of Utah hospital is one of two research facilities in the U.S. studying a possible solution…baby aspirin.

“It’s thought in part, that a lot of cases are due to decreased blood flow to the baby and when there's less blood flow, there's less food and oxygen and nutrients for the baby,” said Dr. Silver.

It's believed low dose aspirin can improve blood flow, in theory reducing the incidence of miscarriage. There are other potential benefits doctors are studying.

“We're also hopeful aspirin can increase fertility and possibly reduce the risk of trouble getting pregnant,” said Dr. Silver.

It's also thought low dose aspirin could reduce pregnancy related complications such as toxemia and preterm labor. Doctors say while aspirin isn't safe for babies it is safe for babies still in the womb since it's metabolized before it passes through the placenta.

“We feel very confident that it's safe,” said Dr. Silver.

Study participants are compensated for their time and receive a free fertility monitor.

To enroll, you must be trying to conceive.

By the way we should tell you this study is done under a doctor's supervision. Pregnant women should never begin an aspirin regime without a doctor's approval.

For additional information on the EAGeR clinical trial and eligibility, women may visit the study’s Web site , e-mail , or call 1-866-912-1967.


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