Sunday, June 15, 2008

Parents Who Lose Babies Find Healing At Brandon Hospital

Photo by Livke
Their new babys life had ended abruptly at 33 weeksDonna and Eddie Barker already had two boys when they learned a third baby was on the way.

Months later, grief overtook them in an instant. Donna no longer could feel the baby moving. Its heartbeat had faded away.

Eddie Barker raced to the hospital to join his wife.

Their new baby's life had ended abruptly at 33 weeks, sending the Valrico couple into an emotional tailspin. As they struggled to grasp the reality of their loss, nurses on the labor and delivery floor at Brandon Regional Hospital approached the couple, offering to photograph them with the baby.

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Van Damme received the Dr. Frist Humanitarian Award from HCA Inc., Brandon Regional's parent company, in April for her work creating the bereavement initiative and a training program for other hospital employees. You can view the presentation of the award . The corporation presents the award to people who demonstrate extraordinary concern for the welfare and happiness of patients and their community.

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