Sunday, July 19, 2009

So Few Memories, So Much Love Giveaway

So Few Memories, So Much Love Giveaway Frugal Freebies is having a giveaway that I wanted to share here:

"So Few Memories, So Much Love", a memory book for pregnancy loss and a beaded baby name memory bracelet, retail value $16.00.

hand-made beaded baby memory braceletThis sweet hand-made beaded baby memory bracelet is similar to what they used to give babies born years ago in the hospital. It will be personalized with your baby's name or month of loss or simply the word "baby" in letter beads, with pink and/or blue beads, and red hearts which symbolize the love you have for a precious baby no longer with you but still very much in your heart and memory.

"So Few Memories, So Much Love" is an exquisitely-detailed baby memory book. Specially-created to help record the events prior to, during and following the loss of a baby through early miscarriage. This long-awaited baby memory book:

♥ Gives you permission to grieve
♥ Helps you to work through the process of grieving and the pain of loss
♥ Offers a place to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions of your baby's loss
♥ Embraces the importance of mourning your baby
♥ Helps to promote the positive resolution of your grief

Created by the Executive Editor of Shattered Dreams, who delves into her own experience of multiple miscarriage to choose the meaningful events to commemorate.

PLUS...healing suggestions for memorializing your baby ...listings of normal grief reactions ...and poignant poetry. This baby memory book will become a special source of comfort and remembrance for now and for the future. Perfect for gift giving to a bereaved mom.

Comb-bound, heavy-duty stock cover, 24 pages, includes a MEMORIES storage envelope.

Open to worldwide entrants - ends July 31/09
To enter:

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