Monday, September 07, 2009

The greatest loss

Hormonal changes in early pregnancy help a woman bond with a child, which is why she can feel such a sense of loss even if the pregnancy stops early, says Dr Rosalie A Sant Fabre Florence / GrapheastThe emotional effects of a miscarriage can be long-lasting. Caroline Sylger Jones on the anxiety, guilt, isolation and depression that many women experience.

Miscarriage occurs in one in four pregnancies, but its commonality offers little comfort to the women who experience it. It’s a loss that’s hard to describe and often difficult to come to terms with.

Tommy’s - A charity that funds scientific research, providing information on the causes and prevention of miscarriage (

Mums - Abu Dhabi Mums ( and Dubai Mums Club ( are useful support networks.

The Miscarriage Association - The UK-based group offers advice to women from all over the globe and translates its leaflets into different languages (+ 44 1924 200799,

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