Sunday, January 08, 2006

Miscarriage: Recurrent Early Loss

Early loss is... watching that wonderful temp climb drop, after several days of positive pregnancy tests.

Early loss is... seeing that second line disappear after several wonderful days of lines.

Early loss is... feeling your symptoms disappear, one by one.

Early loss is... knowing that you have failed... again and again.

Early loss is... waiting for the spotting, waiting for the blood, waiting for the end.

Early loss... is losing your hope of ever having a successful pregnancy.

Early loss is... losing your innocence and joy of pregnancy.

Recurrent early loss is heart-breaking.
Recurrent early loss is soul-destroying.
Recurrent early loss is lonely.
Recurrent early loss is on-going.


Rocky said...

Your writing is very powerful and packed with emotions. keep up the good work. You have a voice for many, many women that need your words.

Sami said...

Your words are right on... and said better than I ever could... most don't understand... and I'm sorry that I do and that you do...